15 Tips To Healthy Winter Skin

15 Tips To Healthy Winter Skin By Barbies Beauty Bits And Posie Cosmetics

No want to cover your dry, itchy pores and skin from the ole man winter! As an alternative, implement these 15 Ideas To Wholesome Winter Pores and skin!

Whereas Winter can have its pleasantries with ice-skating, fire gatherings, heat cozy sweaters, and seasonal enjoyable, what it doesn’t have is love for our pores and skin!

Not solely can jack frost be nipping at our nostrils, however, he’s additionally robbing our total face of its pure moisturizers.

And if that wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, the dry indoor warmth wreaks havoc on our pores and skin. Not solely does this warmth zap the entire moisture out of the air, but additionally from the pores and skin! For this reason, it’s important to be sure you have an incredible skincare routine that will help you by way of the winter skincare blues!

For this submit, I’ve partnered up with Posie Cosmetics to share with you my prime 15 ideas for wholesome winter pores and skin!

Now earlier than I get into the winter skincare ideas, I needed to share with you a bit about Posie Cosmetics and why I’m a giant fan of their merchandise.

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Posie Cosmetics
Posie Beauty skincare line is cruelty and paraben-free. It’s formulated with purely plant-based substances and filled with hydration, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Posie is designed to replenish and nourish, leading to more healthy, reinvigorating pores and skin.

The corporate was based on Tasha Gunter, a nurse, and Aesthetician. I like the that means and mission behind the model as properly; see under.

The Posie Cosmetics Web site: The title Posie means “a bouquet of flowers.” We consider that caring for a flower is similar to caring for our pores and skin. Every flower is exclusive and requires individualized care. That is much like every pore and skin kind. The extra time and dedication you make to care to your flowers, the longer they keep wholesome, vibrant, and exquisite. And while you take the time to feed flowers the correct vitamins and defend them from harsh environmental components, the extra seemingly you’re to forestall imperfections, illness, and harm. Like a flower, your pores and skin require constant care to take care of its well being and vibrancy.  Now, how cool is that???

So without additional ado, My High Ideas To Wholesome Winter Pores and skin.

15 Ideas To Wholesome Winter Pores and skin

Use A Humidifier
I made this one first as it doesn’t matter what skincare merchandise you’re utilizing; you’ll be in a dropping battle in case you are not doing one thing so as to add some moisture again into the air.  Whereas we did point out earlier how the dry air can wreak havoc on the pores and skin, it might additionally result in accelerated growing old. WTH?

A humidifier has been a lifesaver for me. I’ve got a conveyable one which I preserve in my workplace and transfer to my bedroom within the night.

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Altering Up Your Skincare Routine
Similar to altering our wardrobe, with the change of season comes to a change in our skincare merchandise, and that is the place Posie Cosmetics comes into play. From serums to eye lotions, they’ve all of the winter skincare necessities to assist with banishing uninteresting, dry, irritated winter pores and skin!

Bag These Puffy Eyes
Oh my, the pores and skin around my eyes are the worst this time of yr.  As a result of this pores and skin is thinner and extra delicate than on different elements of the physique, it doesn’t soak up the moisture! Additionally, it is the primary space to point out dryness, particularly from dehydration, which additionally ages you! Due to this, an eye fixed cream is a should, and Posie Pure Botanical Eye Cream is right here to the rescue.

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The cream not solely has some unbelievable anti-inflammatory substances that deeply situations and restore pores and skin, nevertheless, it additionally has some pure antioxidants to assist struggle towards free radicals that may harm.

Key substances:

  • Arnica: Soothes and reduces puffiness and swelling.
  • Vitamin Okay: Antioxidants scale back darkish circles and help agency, wholesome pores and skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Attracts important moisture to the pores and skin, plumps and reduces the look of strains.

Hydration Child!
Winter skincare is all about hydration, and the sugar plum fairy is right here to assist, with Posies Refresh Cream Gel Moisturizer, that harnesses the powers of plant-based sugars to assist your pores and skin preserve correct hydration.

SUGAR? Who would have thought that sugar might help your pores and skin to retain hydration? Properly, it might! You see, not solely is sugar an AHA, however, it’s also a pure humectant, which means it maintains and preserves moisture from the setting into the pores and skin. Therefore, while you use skincare merchandise with sugar, they hydrate your pores and skin, whereas encouraging mobile turnover, revealing younger- brighter pores and skin. Now that’s what I name some fair candy outcomes!

The benefits of sugar in skincare by barbies beauty bits

Rescue Your Parched Pores and skin With Some Hydrating Serums
In terms of skincare, serums take heart stage, particularly Hyaluronic acid, and a vitamin C serum! They’re excellent for preventing pores and skin hydration and plumping the pores and skin.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is great at serving to replenish and retain moisture, resulting in a hydrated, plump complexion, which is why I like Posies Blossom Peptide serum.

This serum encompasses a highly effective complicated of peptides and antioxidants that defend your pores and skin from air pollution and different free radicals that may make dehydrated winter pores and skin skyrocket.

Moreover, is it nice at rejuvenating dry winter pores and skin by…

  • Sealing in moisture
  • Attracting moisture
  • The peptide complicated helps to plump the pores and skin to attenuate the looks of nice strains and wrinkles.
  • Antioxidant properties that help your pores and skin’s defensive barrier and replenish with important minerals, enhancing lackluster pores and skin that’s dropping its quantity.
best hydrating serum for dry sensitive skin by barbies beauty bits

Vitamin C Serum
That is the celebrity of anti-aging! You see, the youthful we’re, the extra vitamin C we’ve got in our pores and skin. However, as we grow old, our pores and skin modifications, other than pure growing old and stress, dry winter air can strip the pores and skin of its pure oils.

This loss can contribute to a discount in collagen, and our wrinkles change into extra outlined. Nevertheless, when making use of a Vitamin C Serum, you’ll be able to assist promote the formation of collagen, serving to agency and plump the pores and skin.

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A Berry Good Cleanser
Bye, bye harm brought on by free radicals with Posie’s Contemporary Berry Cleanser. Filled with antioxidant nutritional vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, this berry cleanser refreshes and brightens drained pores and skin whereas preventing off environmental harm brought on by free radicals. And let me inform you, it smells ok to eat!

Now, I am certain you’re beginning to discover me point out the time period “Free Radicals” often on this submit.  To me, these environmental components are little pores and skin vampires, sucking the life from our pores and skin! And with this time of yr, particularly with touring, we’re exposing ourselves to tons of exterior parts, particularly in a crowded airport. Components like mud, sweat, recycled air, air pollution, and even left on make-up could be culprits! And whereas these could seem to be minor issues, over time, they will contribute to untimely growing old, breakouts, wrinkles, lack of collagen, uninteresting pores and skin, and extra.

Best Bubble Mask 2019 by Barbies Beauty Bits

Spa Time… The Excellent Reward To Your self
Though the vacations could be a lot enjoyable, they can be a bit annoying, and this stress can irritate pores and skin situations, which may result in untimely growing old, not what I would like on my vacation want checklist.

So what are we to do? Deal with yourselves to a spa day with the women! And it doesn’t need to be costly! Simply ask every one of them to convey one thing with them, and you may all unwind along with some candles, snacks, wine, heat fuzzy robes, and a few skincare! And let me inform you it may be some enjoyable as I simply did it myself with Posie’s Sahara Rose Bubble Masks! These oxygen masks were successful. Other than the enjoyable all of us had utilizing it, the masks promote circulation, antioxidants that even the pores and skin tone, and moisturizers that assist to protect and supply pores and skin hydration – all from the consolation of the sofa.

Winter skincare tips by barbies beauty bits

Some Different Skincare Ideas To Maximize Your Winter Hydration

    • Keep away from merchandise with a whole lot of alcohol in them as they are often very dry.
    • To lock in hydration, apply your moisturizer to damp pores and skin.
    • Do not over-exfoliate.  The pores and the skin barrier is already comprised as a result of chilly, dry winter air; you do not need to intensive it.
    • Take a cool bath. Scorching water can strip your pores and skin of important oils.
    • To keep away from over dryness decrease the thermostat to 68°F-72°F
    • Add meals or dietary supplements that include omega-Three or omega-6 fatty acids, comparable to fish oil and flaxseed oil
    • Add lemon to your water. Lemon is a superb pore and skin detox.

In conclusion, on the subject of glowing winter pores and skin, you need to be sure you are utilizing merchandise that includes moisturizers and is usually not too harsh, so you aren’t stripping the pores and skin much more of its pure moisture barrier.

Do you’ve any particular winter skincare secrets and techniques? If that’s the case, tell us under!

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