Aloe Cucumber Make-up Setting Spray: a cooling facial spray to assist repair and mattify cosmetics.

One solution to end off a fantastic make-up look is to use a fast splash of setting spray. Our Aloe Cucumber Make-up Setting Spray combines cooling Cucumber Hydrosol with a particular mix of humectant and fixative components. This particular spray will help to repair make-up in place whereas preserving pores and skin feeling recent and moistened.

Make-up setting sprays are rising in reputation and can be found in an enormous number of product tales. They can be utilized to make pores and skin dewy, matte, or just really feel extra moisturized or refreshed. The main target of your formulation could be positioned on scent, ingredient profit, or objective.

Aloe Vera Gel helps to maintain make-up in place and promotes a matte end. To create a extra dewy look, strive omitting the Aloe Vera Gel and including further water or Hydrosol as an alternative. Witch Hazel 86% is barely astringent, which helps to steadiness oil ranges within the pores and skin throughout put on. You possibly can alter this recipe to accommodate dry pores and skin varieties by swapping Witch Hazel 86% for Witch Hazel Hydrosol, which is much less drying.

In regards to the Elements

Cucumber Hydrosol

Cucumber Hydrosol gives the sunshine, refreshing aroma of cucumber in a fragile, water-soluble ingredient. Like many different hydrosols, Cucumber Hydrosol is nicely fitted to use in toners, facial masks, and because the water section for lotions and lotions.

Witch Hazel 86%

Witch Hazel is a aqueous natural extract that’s prized to be used in each folks cures and pure skincare. The plant boasts pure anti-inflammatory advantages, mild astringent properties, and has a knack for balancing the pores and skin. Witch Hazel makes a superb addition to physique sprays, facial toners, emulsified lotions and lotions, and a wetting agent for bathtub bombs.

Aloe Vera Gel 1:1

Aloe Vera Gel 1:1 is pressed from pure aloe leaves earlier than being strained, decolorized, and pasteurized to extend its shelf-life. Aloe gel is thought for its capacity to assuage, cool, and refresh pores and skin and hair. Not like sure frequent business aloe vera gel merchandise, pure Aloe Vera Gel has a liquid texture that’s near water than jelly.

Palm-Free Vegetable Glycerin

Glycerin acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the pores and skin and serving to to retain it there. Our Natural Palm-Free Vegetable Glycerin gives a sustainable different to the extra frequent glycerin derived from palm merchandise.

LactoCoconut Extract

LactoCoconut Extract is made by fermenting coconut oil. The fermented extract acts as an anti-fungal agent whereas additionally serving to to situation the pores and skin. To forestall in opposition to yeast and mildew, LactoCoconut Extract ought to be utilized in mixture with an extra preservative comparable to Lactobacillus Ferment.

Lactobacillus Ferment

Lactobacillus ferment makes use of the identical sort of micro organism that you just would possibly discover in cultured meals comparable to pickles or kimchi. In water primarily based formulation, lactobacillus helps to battle undesirable microbes and assist make sure the longevity and freshness of skincare merchandise.

Aloe Cucumber Make-up Setting Spray

Makes two 4-ounce (120 ml) bottles



  1. Mix hydrosol, distilled water, witch hazel, and aloe vera gel in a small vessel and blend nicely.
  2. Add glycerin, lactococonut and lactobacillus ferments.
  3. Check ph and alter if mandatory utilizing citric acid, baking soda, or your most well-liked acids and alkalizers. The ultimate ph of this spray ought to be between 5.5 and 6.
  4. Switch to scrub, sterile bottles with spray nozzles trimmed to suit.

Utilization and Packaging

  • We packaged our Four oz. Cobalt Bottles with Sprayers, however it will look nice in any plasticware or glassware outfitted with sprayer tops.
  • To make use of, shake nicely, then spritz the face a couple of times.

How to Make Makeup Setting Spray using all natural ingredients

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