Presented By Pantene: Hair Horoscope

Presented By Pantene: Hair Horoscope Here’s Exactly What Your Hair Needs To Be Based On Your Sign You’d be surprised how well this works You already let astrology run, like, 89 percent of your life. (“Should I go out tonight? Lemme check my daily ’scope real quick.”) Why not let it take charge of your hair? Hear me out: Bad…

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Pisces Are The Best In Bed

Pisces Are The Best In Bed Thoughts and prayers to the Capricorn lying next to you as you read this. No offense to anyone else, it’s just a fact: Pisces deliver more heat between the sheets than any Scorpio and Leo combined, multiplied by every Gemini you’ve ever met. And I have proof (besides, like, every Pisces you’ve slept with).…

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Your March Horoscope

Your March Horoscope ARIES (03.21–04.19) You’ve got major dramz with your squad, but Venus in Taurus on March 4th makes it so you’re too busy making money to GAF. And as Mercury Retrograde ends on March 9th, so will the beef with your friends—just in time for *pops confetti* Aries season! TAURUS (04.20–05.20) Your fave planet Venus enters your sign…

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