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Small changes BIG WINS!

 Small changes BIG WINS! Tiny tweaks are all it takes to make healthier lifestyle habits that you really can keep up, discovers Christabel Smith Whether we want to lose weight, reduce stress or find more time away from technology, it’s tempting to set unrealistic goals. We can’t run the London Marathon when we’ve never jogged further than the front gate,…

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Living The Yin Life Unleashing the Energy of QI

Living The Yin Life Unleashing the Energy of QI QI IS QUITE OFTEN DESCRIBED as something invisible and nebulous. It implies energy of Qi is only observable to an altered state of perception which can only be seen by someone who has spent thousands of hours in quiet meditation. Unfortunately, this is what’s called a Chinese whisper. Examining the traditional…

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Balasana Child’s Pose is the quintessential self-care pose. Learn how to modify your body by finding comfort, ease, contentment, and maximum restoration at any moment during your practice or day. STEP BY STEP A Begin kneeling, with your buttocks resting on your heels at the back of your mat. B Touch your big toes together and keep your knees about…

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