Welcome To The Future Of Cheating

With VR porn, track- covering apps and next-gen vibrators, doing the dirty is easier than ever (unfortunately)

What do you think counts as cheating? Flirting with someone in a bar? Exchanging dirty texts? How about interactive VR porn? Or taking part in a Sims-like 3D (virtual) orgy? Fidelity used to be as simple as the difference between a bit of casual eye contact and kissing someone else. But now, thanks to advances in technology, the line between faithful and unfaithful is more blurred pixelated than ever. Confused? Same. Here’s your, erm, cheat sheet for this brave new world…

The new ways to stray


Forget deleting WhatsApp sext messages. Anyone with a smartphone can now download a free app like Viber, Signal or Telegram to cover their tracks. All three offer “self-destruct”- style messages, photos, and videos, which means cheaters can cover their tracks and delete their nudes quicker than you can say “Gotcha”. Great.


Vibrators that can be controlled via a smartphone (like the We-Vibe Sync) are nothing new, but full-body haptic suits that let you “feel” a person’s touch remotely while you video-chat definitely are. For long-distance couples, this might be a helping hand (literally), but these technologies will also be gateways for online flirting to turn into something more.


Renting a hotel room for a couple of hours is going to hit your bank balance and raise some eyebrows at the front desk. With sites like Daybreakhotels.com or apps such as Dayuse, however, you can snag a space to nap, take a shower or, you know, have a midday illicit shag for a more reasonable rate.


You might not consider it rule-breaking to watch porn, but what if you could simulate actually touching the actors you’re watching? That’s what companies like PrimaVR have been working on. According to one report, from this year users will be able to see their own bodies on screen as they get off with a porn star’s holographic or motion-capture image, feel vibrations via teledildonic sex toys, or see the actor’s body react to “touch”.


Like The Sims but hornier, online platforms like 3DXChat and Redlightcenter.com offer people the ability to create their own 3D avatars to interact with other users in X-rated online worlds. The graphics are already pretty realistic – and set to get better in as few as five years’ time, according to sex-tech expert Jenna Owisianik.

73% of you would count having virtual sex with someone in a 3D chat room as cheating


Before you try to convince your significant other to run away with you to a tropical island with zero Wi-Fi, remember: access to tech doesn’t make cheats. Tech simply gives people with wandering eyes the means to do it faster and more easily. For some, that may be the difference between straying and not. But if your partner isn’t likely to do the dirty on you, new apps and holographic won’t change that. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a professor emerita of psychological and brain sciences, says, “It’s the dissatisfaction that drives the searching.” So the answer to staying faithful isn’t side-eyeing your partner for being glued to a phone or laptop. It’s making sure you have a solid connection IRL – which means talking often about how you’re both feeling and working to resolve any issues.


Stealthy, sure, but tech can help you play detective – just like these women…

“I went away for the weekend and had only been gone six hours when my boyfriend stopped answering my texts and turned off his Snap Map. I used Find My Friends to see he was with one of my best mates. They were having sex at her house.” Paige, 18

“My ex would try to hide his phone from me and turn it off completely when he went out, which was already suspect. Then one day, while I was using his iPad, a text popped up from his ex. I read their conversation and he had been asking her for nudes.” Lyssa, 26

“A guy sent me a Facebook message saying my boyfriend was texting his girlfriend – he had seen their iMessages. At first, I didn’t believe him, but I thought I should meet him and read the messages for myself. It was true and I ended things immediately.” Jacquelyn, 28

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