Your March Horoscope

ARIES (03.21–04.19)

You’ve got major dramz with your squad, but Venus in Taurus on March 4th makes it so you’re too busy making money to GAF. And as Mercury Retrograde ends on March 9th, so will the beef with your friends—just in time for *pops confetti* Aries season!

TAURUS (04.20–05.20)

Your fave planet Venus enters your sign on March 4th. You’re looking and feeling hawt—all month long. Expect huge surprises in your love life (maybe as a result?) on the 8th. It’s gonna be pretty wild until Aries season gives you time to chill.

GEMINI (05.21–06.20)

Okay, first the bad: Since you’re feeling feisty, you’re looking at big arguments and fallings-out in early March. But: Things simmer by the time Aries season starts on March 19th, and before the month ends, you can expect extra cash to come your way!

CANCER (06.21–07.22)

Feeling kind of weird in the bedroom? Hi, it’s Mercury Retrograde. Don’t stress—it ends on March 9th, when your social life becomes your biggest focus. You’ll be the most popular person around, feeling supes confident and attracting hotties.

LEO (07.23–08.22)

Mercury Retrograde is fucking with your relationship, your job is stressing you TF out, and you’re basically always busy. So. Yeah. Do your best to hang on tight…knowing that the end of the month could bring a bonus or promotion.

VIRGO (08.23–09.22)

So, March brings t-o-n-s of potential for your love life. Especially after fiery Aries season starts on the 19th and you’re feeling more hot and bothered than literally ever. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get lots of action. *wiggles eyebrows*

LIBRA (09.23–10.22)

Brace yourself for missed calls from boo, 24/7 bickering, and all the angst until March 9th, when Mercury Retrograde ends. Venus in Taurus means you’ll be feeling sexy (also: fire hookups). Then Aries season, starting on March 19th, is all about ’ships.

SCORPIO (10.23–11.21)

Fam stressing you out? Yup, it’s Mercury Retrograde. After the drama dies down on March 9th, your love life will get a glow-up that’ll make you (almost) forget all about it. You’ll have serious chemistry with someone new—JSYK, they like you too!

SAGITTARIUS (11.22–12.21)

You’re feeling uncharacteristically introverted at the start of the month. That’s okay: You need to rest up and recharge your batteries, because once Aries season starts on March 19th, your chart’s love/sex/fun zone gets Lit Up. Expect tons of right swipes.

CAPRICORN (12.22–01.19)

Venus is warming up your chart’s zone of sex and romance rn. This is perf Astro weather for getting on Tinder, going on dates, and having hotter- than-hot hookups. All that and a major upgrade to your love life is coming at the end of March.

AQUARIUS (01.20–02.18)

March starts off with Mercury Retrograde in your sign, but DW, it ends on the 9th. That said, don’t feel bad for becoming BFFs with your Seamless delivery driver, staying in on weekends, and bingeing all seasons of Greys. This is the R & R you need.

PISCES (02.19–03.20)

Unfortch, Mercury Retrograde is making life feel blech, but once the planet reenters your sign on the 16th, things get exciting. Venus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn are helping expand your social circle times, like, a billion. Live it up!

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